traditional sales>introduction

the traditional (sales) business of longrich is one of the most important channels of longrich that combines professional sales and marketing teams which are responsible for brand and product planning, promotion, financial planning, customer development and provide assistance to thousands of consumer.

the product line in this section covers: skin care, personal care, household, child care products such as longrich sod hand cream which has been leading the market for nine years sales first, longrich snake lotion, toilet waters, cosmetics and make-up products distributed through an important retail network and point of sales in china, international and domestic ka stores, local supermarket, wholesale market and small to medium-sized grocery stores.

impeccable sales team & logistics force

sales team services
·  leading group sales, sales secretariat, field sales team

logistics team services
·  brand promotion mode, professional training support, financial plan evaluation system, operating system service

leading group sales
·  general manager and sales director, be in charge of the whole sales development,build, organize and lead work.

sales secretariat
·  consists of 3 secretaries responsible for the coordination of daily process operation of the sales department.

field sales team
·  is composed of district manager, account manager and clerk which are responsible for each specific region sales operations.

brand promotion mode
·  create an excellent corporate and product image, improve brand identity, awareness and reputation, formulate effective sales strategy, establish and manage sales force teams.

professional training support
·  diversification of activities aimed at promoting and strengthening our points of sales and business terminals, upgrade sales skills and distribution capabilities by providing a point to point training sessions.

financial plan evaluation system
·  sales goal setting and financial forecast analysis annually, quarterly and monthly (three types)

operating system service
·  customer service hotline 400,  
·  automated order management system , goods tracking and distributor operation process all assisted.