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training center

 longrich direct selling business school


longrich business school is a combination of professionals and talented trainers which are committed to ensuring to have the perfect education and necessary skills for the development of longrich business. the department provides multiple trainings and programs for to employees and people interested in working with longrich.

for our direct sales business, in china the company has 7 top senior trainers/instructors which are respectively in charge of cosmetics, personal care, household, health care, daily use, home care equipment and nutrition. each trainer is carefully selected and has practical experience in their fields. trainings are also provided in every longrich branch office around the globe.

common training includes lectures, products presentation, test & evaluation, courses about network marketing, team building and longrich compensation plan.

we have also established training programs for each of our business partner, investor or shareholder, a program that enables them to fully understand longrich business practices and rules.