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policies & practices
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distributor's policies & procedures 

thank you for choosing longrich direct selling business. first and foremost, before starting it is highly recommended to take a considerable time to learn and understand longrich business rules and policies. as a longrich distributor, your role is to promote longrich global market, provide customers best service as well as high-quality products, maintain and promote brand image so to drive sales.

2. our publications

longrich marketing materials are designed to help distributors promote their business ( starter kit, products manual, policies & procedures, rich news, longrich monthly magazine, etc.)

3. longrich e-commerce system

e-commerce system: www.longliqicn.cn. an online platform for all the distributors to place orders, manage the direct sales network and check their business performances.

longrich corporate website: www.longrich.hk. a platform for detailed information our products and brands.

how to place an order

all longrich distributors can directly place their orders through longrich, regardless of the quantity if not specified. for more specific detailed requirements, please refer to the ordering standard of each local branch office.

2.delivery service

longrich distributors may place orders online and longrich provides the delivery service to your specified addresses (no more than 2 addresses), which must be registered correctly when you enroll as a new member. you can also pick up the products directly or entrust another distributor to pick up the products from our local branch. for more specific details, please refer to the local branch office.

3.receipt instructions

please carefully check your ordered products, including but not limited to, quality and quantity before signing to verify you have received your order. if there are any problems, please contact our local branch office for assistance. make sure that the shipment documents are signed by the delivery agent and keep a record of it to support any damages or shipment loss during the delivery process.

4.pickup service

longrich distributors may pick up the order in longrich local branch office or other specified location with their valid id and distributor number. (notes: no across-country payment or order pickup)

5.goods returning and replacing policy

we will make every effort to ensure all the products you ordered is delivered safely, timely and intact to the destination that is specified on the order. if any mistakes occur unexpectedly, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help and resolve the issue. for more specific details, please refer to the local branch office.

6.receipt and invoice

when you purchase longrich products, a receipt and invoice will be included in the order detailing the product names, number, prices and other information of product. please keep these transaction documents carefully for your personal record.

7. bonuses distribution

longrich pays bonuses weekly by bank transfer or in cash. payments: the bonuses can be transferred to distributor’s local bank account or picked up in person at any longrich local branch office. 

code of conduct

as a longrich distributor, i agree to comply with the following principles so to operate longrich individual business:

  1. comply with code of conduct, policies & procedures and other versions provided by any longrich-authorized literatures.
  • 1. when describing longrich business plan, all the statements must be truthful, accurate and not misleading, strictly based on actual        experiences and longrich-authorized materials.
  • 2. make sure complaints of product quality are dealt with immediately and in a polite and friendly manner,                             in accordance with the procedures of longrich-authorized materials.
  • 3. make every effort to strive for success and excellence in longrich with integrity by conducting your business with the highest       standard.
  • 4. be willing to assume and implement all the responsibilities stated in longrich-authorized materials.
  • 5. only longrich authorized materials, including business tools, video materials and other existing business supports only can be used while describing longrich business plan, products, services or any other business activities.