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consumer protection
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in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of longrich personnel and consumers, the company hereby solemnly warns that:

1、in exception of longrich tmall store, juhao, loving house store, the company has never entrusted or authorized any other websites/organization/e-commerce platform to sell longrich products.

2、the followings are the ones authorized to sell longrich products (formal sales channel):each branch office,business personnel (including longrich distributors, salesman) using the same price, under the same rules and requirements,longrich loving house (each store should hold an certificate of authorization form longrich).

3、longrich does not provide any quality assurance and after sales services to the illegal sales channel, assume no liability with a non-authorized dealer and reserves all rights to pursue in justice any kinds of illegal activities.

longrich fully ensure quality assurance to any consumer or marketer that uses formal and legal longrich sales channels. the company provides an excellent after sales services and the return guarantee up to 28 days.

headquarters: longrich biological industrial park, xin zhuang town, changshu, jiangsu province, p.r.china

global customer service hotline: 4008-282-503