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during the last 28 years, longrich has been leading the chinese chemical industry with products related to health and skin care. today the company offers more than just premium products, it is also an enterprise one of its kind that gives to thousands of people the chance to have a stable life and a very prosperous future.

our beginning: the story of a carpenter who emerged in chemical industry(1986—1996)

born in a family of farmers, during one of the hardest period of chinese society, the founder of jiangsu longliqi group mr xuzhiwei started his career in the field of his parents. in the early 1980s, when the chinese economic reforms began, he shifted from farming work to household business and became a brilliant carpenter. later he extended its business, founded changshu snake industry company in 1986, developed pure snake power capsule in 1992 and in 1996 the company was the first chinese cosmetic company to hit 100 million rmb of annual sales.

positioning: our market oriented strategy(1996-2006)

in 1996, jiangnan university and shanghai medical university jointly developed ‘’ bio-enzyme snake cosmetic’’ products that enables longrich to successfully lead the daily chemical industry in china with items such as sod lotion and longliqi hand cream. the company applies many market-oriented strategies; one of them was the ‘’ available for all ‘’ concept that enabled thousands of chinese consumers without any social distinction to afford products and use them. with the same price strategy (nationwide), longrich was able to sell its products in every city and county of china.

advertisements on cctv in 2003 made the company one of the national well-known enterprises for household and cosmetic products.

innovation: our integration to the direct selling industry(2006—2009)

this period is marked by product innovation and market expansion. the company has strengthened its research and development capabilities, has improved consumer experience by developing more high-end skin care and health care products so to integrate the international market.

in july 2009, longrich obtained the ‘’ direct selling license ‘’ from the ministry of commerce people republic of china (bureau of direct selling system) and became the 24th chinese company that has acquired the direct selling license.

step of internationalization, longrich defined as a "global company"(2009—2013)

in september 2011, longrich global marketing headquarters was officially put into use. our new modern manufacturing plant was ready to serve local and international customers since 2012.

taking into consideration its international expansion strategy, longrich redefined its corporate logo ‘’ longrich’’, has set up research and development institutions in the united states, france and japan which added to those in china, 8 r&d center in total. products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. in december 2013 the company has 13 international branches.

sustainability: growing with an healthier company in a healthier environment(2014-today)

the appointment of mr xu xiaoping in the post of ceo marks the beginning of a new chapter in the development road map of longrich. the new chief executive officer is engaged to bringing new reforms in management, improve the company image and upgrade brand awareness.