juhao website represents longrich internet shopping mall, a comprehensive e-commerce platform with millions of chinese users which buys longrich products but also different kind of articles. the website is one of longrich trusted sales channels that provides a very personalized and reliable online shopping experience to customers. 

●   company name: shanghai juhao information technology co., ltd                

●   products type: beauty care, food, snacks, baverage, electrical appliances

●   hq: shanghai

●   slogan : together for a healthier life

●   business : private owned


juhao offers products at the most competitive prices with fast home delivery service.  with excellent talent team and advanced i.t. techniques the organization also provides assistance to companies, medium-sized suppliers and manufacturers with a wide variety of business solutions, from manufacturing to creative e-commerce marketing so to help them meet sales target and increase profitability. 

business philosophy:

our slogan and business philosophy << together for a healthier life >> is transmitted by a love concept of cooking, pets, beauty, wine and all different kind of products that you can find in our stores.


●   reliability

a customer oriented service, with 100% quality goods assurance, 30 days return guarantee, credit card and all kind of online payment system supported. 

●   convenient

a personalized on-line shopping experience, a "one-stop" work that makes all the process even simpler to use, fast distribution, in some cases free home delivery.

●   preferential

premium products including food snacks, wine, cosmetics, beauty, makeup, nutritional health products, cooking ware, appliances, pet products and more… in today’s busy word, juhao allows you to save time and money.