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meeting with china oral hygiene standard council
author:   date:2014-03-26   hot:7815

on march 13th 2014, the national association of oral hygiene of china held a meeting at longrich hq in suzhou. took part in the meeting are : the secretary general of china national oral care industry association mr. xiang jianqiang, the vp of jiangsu products quality supervision research institute mr. hu jianhua, the director of china light industry toothpaste products quality inspection center mr. sun dongfang, officials from the national mouthwash, daily chemical industry of jiangsu, shanghai, heilongjiang light industry quality inspection, representatives from unilever, procter & gamble, yunnan baiyao, longrich chairman mr. xu zhiwei, head of longrich r&d centers  mr. yan zemin, longrich supply chain gm mr. lu xiaoyu.

rescent studies shows that personal care and the hygiene industry are expected to maintain an important growth in china. competition has forced companies to develop more high end products meanwhile, toothpaste represents more than 50% share of the overall sales value of oral care industry in the mainland. the published report presents data and analysis of the industry growth situation that includes market projections and recent developments in technology. the secretary general of the committee encouraged involved companies to follow the standard, respect principles of fairness and to be transparent in their activities. together with the school of life sciences of tsinghua university longrich have been developing a new type of enzyme toothpaste glucanase.