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longrich scolarship program
author:   date:2015-09-25   hot:12572

signing ceremony of soochow university – 

longrich scholarship program for international students

on september 21, a signing ceremony was held in soochow university to mark the cooperation between longrich and soochow university on international scholarship program, which has seen the presence of ms. jiang xinghong (vice president of soochow university), mr. xu zhiwei (longrich chairman), charlie chin (longrich international market gm), leadership from soochow university international communication department, and some foreign student representatives from africa, south korea, southeast asia, north america, etc.

the international scholarship program will serve as an effective approach for longrich to attract, recruit and develop talents around the world. longrich is planning to sponsor 200 students from southeast asia, north america and africa over a span of three years from 2016 to 2018. 

by leveraging the premium education resources of soochow university, longrich will arrange for its top-performing international distributors during its 2015 annual summit this december to visit soochow university, attend ‘chinese language camp’, and issue ‘further education eligibility certificates’ to distributors receiving 2016 scholarship awards as an extra incentive to produce global talents. 

also, longrich will organize its overseas business associates to go to ‘chinese language camp’ and visit longrich intelligent factory so as to go on cultural and commercial exchange.

chairman xu zhiwei said in his speech that a company’s competitiveness ultimately lies in the talents it has. talents, metaphorically speaking, are the lifeline and invaluable asset for any company as they are the driving force behind business growth. in this connection, talents program has been invariably at the core of longrich corporate development strategy. ever since 2006, longrich has established r&d centers in us, japan and france to research and develop products that meet varied demands of global consumers. longrich overseas market has seen tremendous growth since 2010. currently, longrich trademark has been registered in 138 countries and regions. furthermore, longrich has set up sales branches in over 20 countries and regions including malaysia, south korea, russia, ukraine, nigeria, south africa, us, etc.

renowned for its long history and ranking among china national key universities of project 211, soochow university is a prestigious institute of higher education in china, which has given longrich enormous confidence in mutual cooperation on the international scholarship program. moreover, soochow university has established cooperative relationship with over 150 universities and research institutes in more than 20 countries, which is highly appealing to longrich business associates across the globe.