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longrich in yekaterinburg, russia
author:   date:2015-03-27   hot:4782

for the first time, longrich held a two-days meeting on 27th and 28th of march 2015 in yekaterinburg, known as the fourth-largest city in russia, located on the border of europe and asia. charlie chin, gm and head of longrich international market as well as ms. liu lanxiang, a no.1 leader of longrich mlm jude system attended the forum.


in his address, mr. charlie indicated that longrich international market has witnessed a sales increase of 128.4% in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the same period last year.


since its opening in 2011, our russian branch has registered during the past four years, a tremendous business growth especially in terms of sales, with best-selling products including our napkin brand superbklean, longrich white tea toothpaste, soap, as well as the cordyceps militaris tablet and many other products.


once again, yekaterinburg marks longrich willingness to further develop the russian market furthermore several local distributors were awarded.