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2015 longrich annual summit
author:   date:2015-04-19   hot:3926

over 300 longrich south korean distributors were invited to attend a grand gathering event, held in suzhou sports center on the 18th of april 2015. 

chairman xuzhiwei in person warmly welcomed the south korean team with a big “감사합니다”, << thank you >> for their contributions to the sino-south korean economic and cultural exchange as well as their commitment into the business plus their excellent sales performance.

in 2015, the seoul branch is expected to hit 26 million u.s dollars of sales revenue alone. << we will further develop south korea and meet the local market needs with better products and services >> commented mr. sung yeob park, longrich south korea gm. 

a family photo of chairman xuzhiwei together with the south korean distributors

korean folk dance

mr. sung yeob park, longrich south korean branch gm giving his speech