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longrich expands to ghana
author:   date:2015-05-23   hot:8453

on may 23rd 2015, longrich officially launched the opening ceremony of its new branch in ghana. mr. johnny chen, the vice gm of longrich international, who is also the gm of longrich africa, together with ms. titilope, longrich 3s director, mr. yeye, ms. oluchi, udeme all 1s director and mr. andy, 5d distributor as well as many other honorable guests and distributors from cote d'ivoire were invited to attend the event.

several new qualified distributors such as 5, 4, 3 diamond all were rewarded for their outstanding performances which was inspired by the successful experience of remarkable top longrich distributor mainly from nigeria.


the car award winners won the standing ovation of all longrich family members during the ceremony. on behalf of longrich, mr. johnny grants the keys of new cars to all the winners, which enabled all longrich family members to witness the honesty, generosity and strength. mr. andy said in a chocked voice that he has many years of direct selling experience in ghana, but longrich is the most generous company ever he said, so he then commented that he will continue working hard on the great cause of longrich for the rest of his life.

mr. johnny with longrich car award winners

longrich car award winners