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gsk best supplier award for the year 2014
author:国际部   date:2015-07-31   hot:14835

sean xu, ceo of longrich (in black suit) receiving the gsk award  

longrich received from glaxosmithkline plc. (gsk) the british pharmaceutical giant a reward for being one of its best suppliers for the year 2014. furthermore, longrich was rated four-star supplier by gsk’s auditors in 2014 which represents the top honor a gsk supplier can possibly receive at best in china.

gsk is a global leader in research and development of pharmaceutical and health care products, and its products have been sold to every corner of the world.  sensodyne toothpaste series was developed by gsk professional team, which is renowned for its rigorous production process, consistent product quality and meticulous test standards. most notably, sensodyne anhydrous toothpaste is so sophisticated that it takes an amazing 12 hours to complete the whole production process as opposed to 3-4 hours that ordinary toothpastes normally take to make.

back in 2008, gsk conducted a research on china market in an attempt to identify a supplier for its star product sensodyne which were intended for gsk china market. gsk visited many toothpaste manufacturers across china back then and longrich was among them. technical experts from tskf also made many visits to longrich and did stringent auditing on its production facilities. in october, 2010, the first batch of synsodyne toothpaste proved a success, which catapulted longrich onto gsk global suppliers list and also marked longrich product quality conformance with gsk global standards.

in 2013, the new intelligent factory which longrich invested rmb600m to build came into operation. the plant occupying an area of 80,000m2 has several workshops capable of producing skincare and cleaning products, toothpaste, mouthwash, bath salt, talcum powder, makeup, soap, etc., which can deliver an annual output value of more than rmb 10 billion. moreover, in order to meet gsk high standards on quality and efficiency, some machinery of international leading brands (such as norton/iwk filling machine, 3000l gea paste reactor, etc.)  are used in multiple toothpaste production lines. the workshops are also equipped with some testing/checking equipment like weighing scale, visual inspection system, etc. so as to make sure each tube of toothpaste can meet international standards. in this april, a national event entitled ‘a trip to beautiful factories of vibrant china’ which was jointly hosted by ministry of industry and information technology, xinhua news agency and association of china industrial newspapers kicked off in longrich smart factory on its first leg of tour. dozens of mainstream media highly praised longrich factory as a pacesetter in cosmetics and personal care industry and raved about its marvelous achievement in claiming the high ground in terms of automation, eco-friendliness, innovation and humanity.

as longrich has made continual improvement and constantly meets gsk high quality standards, the cooperation between gsk and longrich on toothpaste production is smooth over the years. on december 1, 2011, tskf and longrich joined hands on sensodyne toothpaste oem project; in january, 2012, sensodyne toothpaste went on the market; in december, 2012, longrich smart factory passed gsk auditing on esa; in may, 2013, sensodyne repair/whitening series became available on the market. in april, 2014, paradontax series came on the market; in march, 2015, paradontax whitening series was launched; in december, 2014, longrich factory passed gsk annual auditing and was rated four-star level which represents the best results gsk china suppliers could possibly get at best.

longrich adopts stringent quality control system and its motto is ‘quality is longrich’s life’. longrich keeps making changes and innovation so as to better meet customers’ needs and it has been certified to multiple international quality standards such as iso9001, 14001, gmp, haccp, halal, just to name a few and have gained recognition from a large number of world-renowned companies.

‘information technology and industrialization are at the core of 2025 made in china plan to transform china from a world factory to an industrial powerhouse with the aid of internet and manufacturing’ said xu zhiwei, the chairman of longrich group.  longrich intelligent factory has ushered longrich manufacturing into industrial 4.0 era. longrich will continue to improve its production facilities in hq and chengdu, and in the meantime build new factories in tianjin, guangdong, etc. also, in order to improve its competitiveness, longrich will acquire health care plants and cosmetics factories in us, france, and asia. by 2023, longrich will do its utmost to increase its output value from rmb10billion to over rmb20billion. as an important approach for chinese companies to improve their manufacturing capabilities, the cooperation between longrich and some prestigious global companies like gsk not only brings longrich the business transactions but also gives longrich an opportunity to go global and learn advanced technology and modern management philosophy from its eminent partners.