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longrich steps into ecological agriculture
author:   date:2014-12-25   hot:5815

on dec 24th 2014, longrich signed an agreement with aurec capital and teshuva agriculture projects (tap), an israeli company expert in developing agricultural projects with advanced technologies and innovative agricultural techniques. the three parties agreed to set up a joint-venture company which will be called zhongyi goldrich organic agricultural co., ltd.

technical support and expertise for greenhouse construction, management and equipments maintenance will be provided by tap, while longrich and aurec remains main shareholders of the newly joint-venture project. zhongyi goldrich organic agricultural co., ltd will be located in longrich industrial park; the project will cover an area of 10000 square meters and production will begin in june 2015. it is estimated that the annual output will reach 220 tons of high quality, safe vegetables and fruits. tap will apply its water technology; implement the nutrient solution and recycling system as to reduce the wastage, which will also improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.

all the crops will grow in a clean environment with growing process in strict accordance with good agricultural practice. non genetically modified seeds or chemical pesticides will be used in the growing process so to have excellent and safe products with long shelf life. the company will first grow lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes. moreover, it is also going to be possible to cultivate micro leaf vegetables from planting to harvest in just 10 days-time because of its short growth cycle. produce will be distribute to well-established sales network such as five-star hotels, airline companies, kindergartens, health care centers just to name a few.

following the construction of the first (demo) greenhouse in longrich industrial park, longrich has the vision to duplicate 100 similar greenhouses nationwide in the next few years.