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note: before using this website please read the following terms and conditions carefully. once you start navigating into this website, you accept all terms and conditions outlined herein. if you disagree with these terms you may not use this website.

1. website  utilization

the content of this website is for your (user) personal information only, not for a commercial use. you should respect the contents 凯发官网手机版app下载 copyright and use this website in accordance to its general principles and legitimate rights.

users may not copy, reproduce, reverse, duplicate, publish, modify or simply exploit any section of this website and its content. it is prohibited to use downloaded materials from this website for any purpose not related to longrich. any unauthorized use of this website's contents or materials can constitute infringement of 凯发官网手机版app下载 copyright and other legal rights.

any and all intellectual property rights; which shall include longrich logo, patents, inventions, trademark, domain, business names and other items displayed in this website remain the property of longrich.

if you do not accept or violate the above agreement, authorization will automatically terminate your use of this website, and you should immediately destroy any downloaded or printed document from this website.

2. information

this website does not provide any form of guarantee that includes warranties of merchantability or suited for a specific purpose, it is free from all kinds of destructive features that may damage or affect your computer such as viruses, worms, trojan horses’ errors.

in addition, longrich does not ensure at any time the exactitude, sufficiency, reliability and integrity of the information in this website. contents that describes products/software, services and price configurations maybe subject of change without notice and the company is not committed to regularly update those contents on this website. you may refer to a longrich business representative/ dealer located in your area.

if, within the scope of the law explicitly prohibiting or restricting the exclusion of implied warranties, the exclusion clauses of this nature may not apply to you.

3. users’s submissions

by interacting with our website you agree that all the information or material that users may submit in our website or send to us by email, (including without limitation, personal information, comments or ideas) will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. the topics must not violate the law, respect regulations and public morals. it is not allowed to send or publish any form of threat, calumny, obscenity and other potentially illegal material.

longrich reserves its right to remove or delete, without notice, any material that users submit for inclusion on this website. we also have the right to disclose your information to any third party which is claiming that the contents you posted is violating their intellectual property and privacy rights.

we process all information we collect about you in accordance with longrich privacy policy.

4. user contents

at any stage longrich is not responsible for monitoring or reviewing messages sent or posted by users including but not limited to the chat rooms, bulletin boards, bogs and other forums.

longrich assumes no responsibility for messages exchanged by users, regardless of whether they cause defamation, privacy or obscenity problems to other users. by the time such contents will be discovered, the company reserves the right to delete or block access to the website without any prior notification.

users are responsible for the accuracy of the message and details collected from by this website.

5. downloaded software usage

all users of this website are required to read very carefully all terms and usage conditions of any software they want to download from this website. please do not install or download any software before you read, accept all the conditions of the license agreement and comply with them. it is strictly forbidden to copy or redistribute software downloaded from this website to a third party. users can make copies of material as far as they respect this website terms and conditions that you agree to be bound with.

6. third party links

links to third party websites are provided to users for their conveniences only. by clicking to a third party link you agree to leave this website. be aware that longrich do not take any responsibility of the risk user may encounter by using those links as the company do not control the contents of these external websites.

7. limitation of liability

suppliers or third-party companies including its affiliates and its licensees mentioned in this website are not liable for any damage (including, but not limited to, for any reason such as loss of profit, data, collateral defection or business interruption). whether the damage is due to the use of this website or caused by contents contained in websites which are linked to this (longrich) website, regardless of whether they also have a guarantee, contract, tort or any other legal basis and has received such damage may occur advice in advance.

if you use this site for information leads to the need for equipment or data maintenance, you will have to bear your own repairing costs.

the company assumes no responsibility in the case of the following situations:

- transmission of information is provided by the network service provider (and its licensees)

- information transmission, routing and provided links and storage are automatically by the necessary technical process, information without the network service provider selection.

- in addition to the requirements of automatic response, the network service provider does not select the provider and the recipient of such information;

- the network service provider system or network intermediary under normal circumstances, the time reserved or required does not allow any intended recipient to get the information transmission, routing or even be connected to such information.

if, within the scope of the law, do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

if within the scope of the applicable law, in the case of the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

8. general principle

the company may modify present terms and conditions for using this website at any time and without any prior notification. it is important for users to keep visiting the website so to be aware of any modifications in these terms and conditions. in the case of new arrangement, new terms will be posted on this website.

users certainly will be bound by this present terms and conditions and any eventual modification that may occur.

9.  governing law

all these general terms and conditions for using this website mentioned herein are applicable by the law of people's republic of china.

10. jurisdiction

in the case of any legal dispute between the parties hereto, in connection with these terms and conditions, the parties will have to agree to negotiate and resolve disputes by the court litigation.