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aika eye funds
aika eye funds
loving family foundation
author:   date:2014-02-22   hot:5536

longrich loving-family ophthalmology charity foundation was set up by jiangsu longrich bioscience co., ltd. and lixiang eye hospital of soochow university.

the foundation vision is to provide free treatment to children with strabismic amblyopia. funds will be raised from our business activities, partners, shareholders, top distributors and every generous person who would like to contribute for this cause.

our commitment in this project is to support children, give them the chance to grow in good health, with good eyes, minimize early psychological trauma. the treatment can decrease or even eliminate double vision or eye strain, enlarge the field of vision or simply restore normal appearance.

today some types of strabismus can be treated with drugs. injected into a pair of muscles, this will temporarily weakens muscles, eases the pull, allowing the weaker muscle to gain strength, but for some cases surgery would be necessary, our team of doctors can help realign the eyes with some techniques that are rarely used in young patients enabling them to develop themselves for a better future. << another sign of our company culture. >>