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aika eye funds
aika eye funds
supporting children with amblyopia
author:   date:2015-01-31   hot:4394

recently, a team from longrich loving-family ophthalmology charity foundation along with doctors from lixiang eye hospital of soochow university paid a visit to children previously treated from amblyopia in xiangcheng and kunshan, respectively district and county-level city within the prefecture-level city of suzhou. the team received real update on the children’s health condition and their recovery. furthermore, they brought for the kids some of longrich daily care products as to help them spend a warm winter. 

the inception oflongrich loving-family ophthalmology charity foundation goes back to 2012, with a joint effort of jiangsu longrich bioscience co.,ltd and lixiang eye hospital of soochow university, under the management of suzhou red cross. today, the organization had helped more than 120 children across china recover from the amblyopia disease by providing surgery and treatment free of charge.

if you have or know children affected with amblyopia, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 86-512-52489061.