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aika eye funds
aika eye funds
realize children’s dream
author:   date:2014-05-07   hot:4366

since march 2012, longrich and lixiang eye hospital of soochow university co-founded the ‘’ longrich loving-family ophthalmology foundation ‘’. as yet, the foundation has helped 60 children heal their eye diseases, making them the lucky beneficiaries of free treatment from the foundation.

in order to help impoverished children with strabismus or amblyopia regain their normal sight and a happy childhood, longrich has committed itself to help and provide all the necessary support as to win up their confidence, fight for their bright future and help them realize their dreams.


charity has been considered as one of important parts of our corporate culture; we will therefore keep taking our social responsibility at same time provide high quality and safe products for all our customers.

the management of longrich loving-family ophthalmology foundation has been mandated to suzhou red cross, yet, longrich itself established an internal service team that has for main role to multiply promotional activities of the foundation as to support children in need, and with those affected with vision problems, furthermore receive frequent and timely treatment. 

as the commitment of mr. xu zhiwei, longrich chairman, “longrich group will go hand in hand with longrich loving-family ophthalmology foundation so to inherit our passion to taking care of children with eye diseases and help them regain their normal sight.” if you know or have children with vision problems or suffering from amblyopia, please feel free to contact us.